Flowers...I don't know what to do??

My FI and I are going to meet with our florist on Saturday (7/17) to discuss our flowers, the problem is I have no idea what I want!  Our wedding colors are choclate brown and tiffany blue.  My bridesmaids are wearing chocolate brown dresses, my flower girls are wearing ivory dresses with a tiffany blue sash, my dress is ivory, the guys are wearing brown tux's - my FI is wearing ivory and the groomsmen are wearing either tan or tiffany blue - haven't decided yet, little boys are all wearing brown suits.  At first I was thinking lots of color with gerber dasies (they are my favorite flower) then I started thinking calla lillies in ivory and like a burnt red, but now I am thinking blue hydrageas...I am all over the place and have no clue!!!  Any suggestions???  Please help...

Re: Flowers...I don't know what to do??

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    I was the same way when I first met with my florist and she had me fill out a little questionnaire.  It has questions like, What are your wedding colors?, Where is your venue and what does it look like?, and What are your favorite flowers?.  That's all I told her and she made the best bouquets.  I couldn't have imagined anything better.  

    Tell your florist the answers to these questions (if they don't have a questionnaire themselves) and see if they can come up with something for you.
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    delphiniums come in light blue, and they are tall stalks so they give a very eligant look." alt="" />" alt="" />
    this one has hydrangia at the bottom to fill it a bit better
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    you could probably look at a floral book that they have. They have some good ideas in there, Your florist will have several.

    I knew what i want but one of the florist brought out a floral book and i saw something unique for my bouquet that i would have never have thought to use.

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    I think pinks (flowers) against the brown BM dresses would be lovely & also look pretty with the tiffany blue & ivory. Gerberas would be bright, cheerful... maybe something like this:

    or if you like roses...

    Talk to your florist, definitely, but bluey-lilac could aslo look very pretty:
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    Thanks everyone!!!  I am so excited for our appointment tomorrow!!!  Jaytee - I really am trying to avoid roses.  I just don't care for them.  BUT LOVE the Gerber daises!!  Those are my absolute favorite flowers!!!  I am going to take that picture into my florist tomorrow.  I have been thinking a lot about either bright pinks or deep dark reds and oranges.  I am still not sure but hope my florist will have some great ideas!!  This is what I am thinking for my isle (BTW this is the exact isle I will be walking down and the gazebo where we will be married):

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