Brideshare - Orchid Garlands Cream

If anyone is doing orchids and looking for an orchid garland to decorate their arch or trellis these would be great.  They come in a case of 6 garlands, so I'm looking for someone to split this with me -I'm sure we'd each only need 3 at the most since they're 5.5 feet long.  It's 61.99 total so it would be around $30 each." alt="" title="FGO136-CR" />

From the website:  "Each of the perfectly crafted garland leaves have a realistic look, complete with natural markings and color variations. Our garland is easy to store and reusable, as it never wilts, and is crafted to last for years. Perfect for party decorations, for wedding tables, in home decor and more!

  • You will receive 6 garlands - 1 shown in picture, which may be a closup picture
  • Garland length - 5'6" each"
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