Wedding Flowers on a Budget

I originally wanted mini cala lilies and orchids for my bouquets, but now I realize how far out of my price range they are. I'm looking for ideas for other flowers that are not as expensive. Im getting married in November, and my bridesmaids will be wearing navy blue dresses. I prefer green or maybe yellow flowers for them and white flowers for me.
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    I actually have the same issue! I am getting married in October and I want callas. When I went to the flower shop, they told me $18 a flower! Then somebody told me about ordering flowers wholesale. I think I am going to order from Sams Club and hire my neighbor and another woman who knows flowers under the table. I was surprised when I found out how many brides have done this. It is going to save a bundle. You can also order from Costco and a number of other places.
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    Were you using a florist or DIY?

    If you are using a florist, you could do your bouquet with mini callas and just one or two stems of orchids as an accent.  Then do the BM bouquets, bouts, and corsages in less expensive flowers.  Like maybe white carnations, roses, or daisies with some bright green pom poms

    If you are DIYing the flowers, then order the mini callas and other flowers in bulk, and use the callas for the bouquets, adding filler flowers for accent color as needed.  If you have a Sam's or Costco membership, they have excellent prices.   But I'd only do that if you have experienced or reliable help for the flowers, and can devote the day before to doing the flowers.

    A quick check on line for Sam's bulk flowers (prices include shipping): 

    150 stems white mini callas = $162.26
    70 stems green dendrobium orchids = $128.88
    90 stems white pom pom daisies = $52.63
    125 stems white roses (dif varieties) = $83.00 and up
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    Any chance Georgia has Publix markets close to you? I never thought their florists would be able to create what I wanted but after meeting with them they were fantastic and much less than the average independent florist.  Not sure how formal or large your event is but here is my story:  I am getting married in Florida in October (girls wearing navy too!) and going for the all green/chartreuse look.  I am using cymbidium orchids (no calas but she suggested them), hypercium berries, green spider mums and some others.  I have all my flowers (no reception arrangements) being done for under $300.  Bride, groom, 3 bridesmaids, 3 groomsman, flower girl, 2 mothers & flowers for the cake.

    here are some inspiration pics:  

    updated: 8/23 the wedding plan 60 in the mailimage 42 Bags are packedimage 18 Missing the funimage
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    Wow! I did not know Publix and Sams did flowers. I am going to check them out for sure!  Thanks!

    I also love the idea of using poms and spider mums!

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