Mums the Word vs. Deerberry Flower Shoppe


I was wondering if anyone had a preference for which Flower shop is better in Southern New Jersey? Mum's the Word or Deerberry Flower Shoppe? I have a small budget, but want to get my money's worth.

Thanks for the help!

Re: Mums the Word vs. Deerberry Flower Shoppe

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    You should post this on your local board as this is an international board.
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    The flower shop I chose in my town was chosen because they did great on past orders that I placed there and did not have a problem delivering to the places that they needed to go.  Why not do test orders? Send Mom 6 roses just becasue it's Wednesday and you appreciate her. See how it goes.  That's my suggestion.  You could also pick the same flowers and see which one gives you a better price too...
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