Local florist vs. wedding florist

I am looking for some opinions on which you think is better. I visited 2 florists this weekend, one was a wedding florist where they only do weddings and the other was a local florist where I met with the owner. Both places had their pros and cons, but I don't know of too many people that have used a local florist before. Of course the wedding florist told me the local florist wouldn't be as good. The local florist came out to around $500 cheaper and they only do 2 weddings per weekend, whereas the wedding florist does like 50 weddings per weekend.
My only fear is that the local florist isn't as familiar with my reception location and church.. but I also don't want to just be lost in the shuffle with the wedding florist. 
Does anyone have any thoughts?


Re: Local florist vs. wedding florist

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    jagore08jagore08 member
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    I believe if you put "wedding" before any business, you'll pay more.

    Have you seen both of their work?  If they both look nice then I would go with the local florist.  They both work with flowers on a daily basis and also do weddings so I don't see the difference.

    I used a local florist but they also were very popular for wedding flowers (as were most of the other florists in the town).
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    squirrlysquirrly member
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    Personally, a florist who only does weddings and does 50 at a time sounds like it's going to be an assembly line thing with no personal attention.  Based on that alone, I'd go with the local florist.  Ask for a mockup or pictures of what they can do and make sure they can deliver what you want, but I think the personal attention of the owner and $500 less are worth it.
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    Yeah that's what I was thinking about the wedding florist.. the lack of personal attention and it being more like a factory then a florist. They have a good reputation but there are a few reviews that the flowers got messed up or a bouquet was missing and they did nothing about it. The local florist said that I would come in the day before the wedding to check the flowers and make sure everything was right. That way they would have time to fix anything and they wouldn't suddenly show up the day of the wedding with something missing.

    Thanks for the advice!
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    danieliza1127danieliza1127 member
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    I used a grocery store florist instead of a typical wedding florist and I thought our flowers were perfect.  I met with the ladies several times and they were wonderful to work with and did a really great job.  Pics in bio of our flowers. 

    I would try getting reviews from each place from other people/brides.  Don't just rely on the florists' word telling you that they are better than everyone else.  That's what they are supposed to do, they want your money.  post on your local board and see if anyone has used either florist and if they have any advice for you.
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    We used a local florist and I thought our flowers came out great.

    50 weddings a weekend sounds like a lot to me. Maybe they are staffed to be able to handle that quantity but I would feel much more comfortable knowing that I was only 1 of 2 weddings that weekend and that they could devote time and attention to my flowers.
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    Catwoman708Catwoman708 member
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    Personally, I'd go with the cheaper local florist. 

    Sure, you want your wedding flowers to look nice, but wedding flowers are not rocket science.  On your wedding day, as long as you have flowers, they are presentable looking, and look good in the photos, you will scarcely notice them.  Your mind will be on a gazillion other things.

    Now if you have an unlimited budget, want something over the top unique and artistic that will make everyone go "wow!", go for it.  BUT, at 50 weddings per weekend, that's a helluva lot of flowers, so how unique and artistic do you think they'll be getting cranked out in volume?

    So I guess I'd still go with the local florist that can give more time and attention to detail and personal service.  While you want to have a certain "look" for your wedding flowers, if you give a florist a little artistic license, you will usually get more original, unique results.  Floral design is an art form, so if they are using a "cookie cutter" formula, or doing exactly as they are told, the results will turn out kind of "blah".
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    Florists are florists are florists. End of story.

    It doesn't matter if they do 50 weddings in a weekend or not. Take a look at their work. If you like what they do, and they fit in your budget, go with them.

    Personally, I think your local florist is worth your money. You have more time to work with them and make sure everything looks great. The other place just wants to add your money to their books.
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    Absolutely go with the person who does 2 per weekend.  It will be much more personal because they will remember you.  They're going to care more because they only have one or two events, rather than dozens that they are trying to manage.  Also, it will be more hands on rather than other people being directed to design your flowers. 
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    flower_divaflower_diva member
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    no...florisits are not all the same. Perhaps your local florist has more expierence and training than the "wedding" florist.  I have to have continuing education to keep up my certification.

    I agree that you will get personalized service from your local florist. They have my vote hands down......
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