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My wedding is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  My aunt arranges flowers, mostly silk, which I'm opposed to.  So I pitched to my mom and her that we buy flowers online from Sam's Club or something and they are concerned about the flowers arriving on time because they would have to get there that Friday - no earlier no later.   

If you've ordered flowers online, can you tell me if you had any issues getting them on the date you requested to have them on hand? 

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    Ive heard very good things about ordering from Sams and Costco! They usually reccomend recieving your flowers on Thursday for a Sat wedding that way they have time to open up, ..I would be willing to bet Wednesday would still give you great flowers for a Sat wedding, just get a sturdy flower.. Do you have a local Sams or Costco that you could talk to about this issue?
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    I ordered flowers online in bulk for DIY centerpieces and they recommended like the PP said...if you're having a Saturday wedding, they should arrive 2 days prior.  My flowers are to arrive this Thursday from fedex overnight...I'll let you know how it turns out.
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