How to DIY faux boquets, corsages and bouts?

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Hi Ladies,  I am a pretty avid crafter but floral arranging is out of my area of expertise.  Do you have any advice, links etc. on how to DIY faux boquets, corsages and bouts?  TIA!
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Re: How to DIY faux boquets, corsages and bouts?

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    There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube.  It's not hard, but it takes a little practice if you've never done any floral arranging.  If you have any artistic/crafty talent you will pick it up pretty easy. 

    What I would suggest is to just practice and see how you do.  Supplies you will need for starters:

    Cheap dollar store flowers to practice with.
    A pair of floral shears and/or wire cutters
    Floral tape (the waxy "stretchy" kind).
    Satin ribbon for wrapping stems.
    Corsage and bout pins (1 1/2  or 2 inches, pearl tipped)
    You might need thin floral wire and hot glue gun.

    *You might get a book or two on floral design and wedding flowers.  Try the library or Half Price books.  I found an excellent book for $4 that was really old, but explained the elements of design very well (style, scale, balance, harmony, contrast, rythym, repetition, ...) with examples of what to do and not do. Even though I already had a lot of experience, it was still very helpful and improved my design skills.
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