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Afloral.com's silk flowers?

I am a Vietnamese bride and a tradition in our family is for both sides to done "family flowers."  This means that every family member sports a boutonniere.  Since this means 50+ boutonnieres and I'm a budget bride, I'm going to go the faux route.

I came across afloral.com as a recommendation on my wedding month board.  Does anyone know if their flowers looks decent?  I'm most interested in these two products so far:

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Re: Afloral.com's silk flowers?

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    I haven't personally used them, but I've heard others have had success. You could always order a sample to see if you like the quality.
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    They look nice to me, but it is a picture. The real flowers might look different. I personally had a terrible experience with ordering things for my wedding online. But I aggree with fancynewbecca, the only way for you to know the quality is to order a sample. I hope it works out for you.
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    I ordered two sample flowers from them last month, one was a rose the other was a calla lily.  The calla lilly looked and felt more natural and the rose, well, I wasn't crazy about the way it looked or felt.  I'm planning to get married on a cruise ship, but the cruise line won't allow me to bring my own real flowers on board unless I use them, so I have to opt for fake ones.  I'm searching for really nice real touch flowers which I PRAY I find.  If you have any luck, PLEASE pass the information on.
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    I am so conflicted about using silks vs real, but I have a budget so I may not have a choice.  One of the promosing silk sites I found is www.debbiecoflowers.com. I am going to order a sample and decide from there.  If anyone as any info on them or decides to use them, please let me know.
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