DIY Carnations and??

I have a while before I worry about this but just getting some ideas. I want to have a DIY bouquet for money reasons and a fun little project. Carnations are a must! both me and my FH are January babies and they are our "birth flower". I found a few different looks to a carnation bouquets. The BMs I like the idea of an all carnation bouquet but for my bridal bouquet I wanted something else with the carnations. I found some examples of roses but I like the idea of an all white bouquet for me with lillies. Do you think that would look silly if I did carnations and lillies? Has anyone used carnations and lillies? if so, I'd love to see a picture. Pretty much, if you have used carnations I'd love to know how it worked out for you. Thanks!
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Re: DIY Carnations and??

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    You could look for some carnations and lillies at Sam's Club or a grocery store floral shop and do a trial run to see if you like the look. There are several different kinds of white lilies to choose from as well. I think lillies and carnations would look elegant. Good luck!
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