Corsage or boutonnieres for mothers

Both my mom and my fiances mom will be wearing a suit jacket. So, corsages or boutonnieres? I would think corsages would be a hinderance and for their attire, something pinned to their lapel might be more comfortable. Any input and what did you do? Thanks!! Meredith

Re: Corsage or boutonnieres for mothers

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    Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    I guess I'm confused. Most corsages are pinned to the lapel, unless they are wrist corsages. I'd ask them what they'd prefer. Some women don't like wrist corsages and prefer having one pinned to their jacket or dress.
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    Agreed with pp. Ask them what they would prefer. I know my mom wants a wrist corsage, she does not want anything pinned on her dress, she does not like the idea of putting a hole through it.
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    You could always do pin-on corsages and get the wrist elastic in case they change their minds. All it takes is the elastic, some thread, a needle and a few stitches to convert it into a wrist corsage.
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    benmel31benmel31 member
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    I agree.  Ask what they would each prefer.  I ended up getting my mom and my FMIL a small bouquet of their own.  They were each so excited by this.  Instead of pink roses like the bridesmaids' and my bouquets, they will each have white roses with the tiny stephanotis (sp?) that will only be in mine.  they are special, yet unique at the same time!
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    CA2MT4EveRCA2MT4EveR member
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    A bout is a flower with minimal attachements.  No ribbons/bows and maybe one piece of filler.  A corsage has all of the above and them some, typically.  They can be pinned on or worn on the wrist.  Have you spoken to your mom about this?  Some mothers are not comfortable with the idea at all any may prefer to carry a single flower with trailing ribbon shoestring bows or 3 flowers that way. 
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    Catwoman708Catwoman708 member
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    A bout is for the guys, and is usually one small flower, with a small amount of greenery. 

    A corsage is slightly larger, usually 2-3 smallish flowers, or one full bloom, with a little filler, and ribbon. They can be wrist corsages, or pinned onto dresses, jackets, or purses.

    So the mom's jackets would be more substantial for holding up a pin-on corsage.  But I don't know anyone who actually likes or is comfortable wearing large corsages.  So I would ask the moms what they prefer.

    If they have no preference, I'd go with very small pin-on corsages so they will be more manageable.  Or you might see if your florist has the ready made orchid corsages.  They are great for special occasions, and much lighter weight, so easier and more comfortable..
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