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I will be getting married in Sept. 2011.  I would like to use fruit as the centerpieces with a few flowers.  I would like the fruit to be tropical themed..papaya, mango, star fruit, coconut etc.  These fruits were in my local grocery store this September, but I don't know if I can know for sure that they will have what I want next September.  If they don't, I will have no centerpieces and fruit is not something I can order ahead of time or it will go bad.  I have looked into fake fruit but the ones I have found look very fake.  Has anyone done anything like this or will be doing something like this?  I would love some suggestions on how I can execute this idea.  Thanks!

Re: Tropical fruit centerpieces

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    Sounds pretty easy... hope the fruit is available and just do it... It's the same with flowers... you can only hope the same will be available... and it probably will.... 
    There are no guarantees anyway, but your chances are reallly good ...

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    Worst case scenario oranges, lemons and limes are lovely and they're relatively tropical--and if they're not available year round at your supermarket, you must live under a rock:).
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    I agree with sister2groom about even just doing lemons and limes. As artificial fruit goes, I feel they're the two that look the most real and they present such a pretty and exotic color scheme and look when paired together. I'd stil go the artificial route because I've often found supermarket lemons and limes to be puney and often have a lot of blemishes (of course the risk you run when they're real). I DIY centerpieces for the room where we had the cocktail hour and they turned out gorgeous (just used artificial limes with some orchids).

    I think it's a neat idea, something different to see. Good luck!
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    You can probably order them online to be delivered right before your wedding.  Depending on how much you are willing to spend, I'm sure there are places that would do up the centerpieces for you altogether.
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    I would use what's in season, since it logically goes with the season. I like the citrus ideas, they look nice in arrangements- you can slice them up to continue the decor. Mangoes and Coconuts in September don't seem to go with the beginning of fall/end of summer vibe.
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    I haven't done anything like this, nor have I seen it done.  But ... you're making me hungry.  It sounds absolutely yummy!  Good luck!
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    i'm looking at a feb2012 date and want the same thing - - the one on top left is what sold me
    i'm marrying a brazilian and want to incorporate some brazilian touches - oranges are a main crop and i'd throw in some passion fruits and papayas too - with the leaves, some white flowers ( i love plumeria) and maybe some blue hibiscus flowers...
    i plan to do some test drives with my bms, get some different vases, different orange fruits - little kumquats, tangerines, ripe papaya, blood oranges, etc and see what kinda set up we'll like
    i'm from nyc, so i'm not worried about availability - but if you are, you can see if there's a whole foods or ethnic market, and see if the fruits you like are available in september, and if you can make a special request for a couple of cases?
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