Flowers for saphire blue bridesmaids dresses???

My FI and I are planning a "destination wedding" with about 30 close friends and family members.  As well as a more traditional reception a few months later in St. Louis.  I think I want to do saphire blue dresses for my bridesmaids... but I am having a hard time coming up with flowers that will look good with them.  I DON'T want them to carry pink boquets.  Any suggestions?

Re: Flowers for saphire blue bridesmaids dresses???

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    I think yellow and green would look great.  It adds a nice pop of color.
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    Yellows, gold, and orange tones will really stand out against the blue, but almost any color combo will look great.  Some suggestions:

    All white/ivory
    Blue hydrangeas, or blue and white
    Lime green and white
    Rich jewel tones (Red, rust, magenta, purple, gold,...)
    Peacock feather and a coordinating color. 
    Purples and hot pinks
    orange and yellow.



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    Thanks ladies!!!
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