Can anyone give me some good suggestions on how to save on flowers? I am not much of a flower person and this is one area we would like to cut down on our budget so we have more entertainment, food, etc... and I just went to speak with some florists yesterday and realized how expensive flowers can be especially with a large bridal party like mine. Please help with flower budget ideas!!! Thanks!

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    Tell the florist what you want and absolutely don't want and let them know your budget.  Tell them that they can substitute blooms for less expensive ones as long as it give you the same look you want.

    You can also do non-floral centerpieces.  I just recently attended a wedding and there were absolutely no flowers (for both the ceremony and reception).  The bride purchased little doves from the dollar store and spray painted them silver.  In the middle was a foot and a half glass candle holder (think of a wine glass with a cylinder top) with small white beads and a white candle in the center.  There were also about 3-4 small votives interspersed with the silver doves.  She said that the centerpieces were about $15 per table.
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    I ordered all of my flowers online, and arranged myself along with my girls.  I had a specific calla lily that was $6.00 a bloom from the florest, and I was able to find it for way less expensive online @ .  So I ordered two boxes (120 flowers) and they were beautiful.  I had one single flower in each center piece, a nice arrangment on the alter, bouts for all the guys, pastor, grand parents, parents, corsages for moms, grandmas, my bouquet, which had 18 flowers (although it should have had a full 2 dozen), and going down from there. MOH had 12, other 3 BM's had 9, and FG had 5.  I do wish I would have had a fuller bouquet myself, and had enough in the alter piece to do that, but didn't realize I had enough until the bouquets were already made.  I only lost about 3 flowers in shipping (remmebering they are a parishable good), and they were so fresh having only been picked the day before in South America.  Good luck finding afordable flowers. 
    I did see a wedding laitly where they made oragami flowers and did the bouts and bouquets with those.  kinda cool and totally different! 
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    I will be ordering one of the white flower wedding packages from Costco. Very reasonable. Go to and there is a floral link at the top.

    If you have a Costco membership, go into one locally. Their flower kiosks are maintained by independent floral personnel, presumably with flowers from Costco's HQ. Gorgeous arrangements for $15. If you ask the customer service desk they should be able to provide you with contact info for that person. I've heard they will do arrangements for you personally if you want, vs ordering online. I'm going to be looking into this closer to my wedding. But I've also ordered from their website, 100 various colored roses for $89, no shipping cost. From Ecuador to my Mom's door was 3 days. Just follow the directions that come with the shipment.

    I understand Sam's Club has similar floral prices.

    Good luck.

    PS: Come visit us on the Detroit board if you are getting married in the Detroit area. We have vendor reviews, and the ladies are really nice!
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    Meet with several florists. They expect to be talked down on price so negotiate. Other suggestions:

    1. If your dress has lots of beading or lace you can go with a smaller bouquet. You don't want the bouquet to needs to complement.
    2. Try giving the BMs smaller bouquets. You could even cut it down to two or three stems.
    3. Use cheaper stems, or just an array of greenery, for the bouts.
    4. Don't do all flower centerpieces. You can go half flowers, half something else. You can even do a single stem floating or all non-flower centerpieces.
    5. If you like expensive stems like calla lilies just put the callas in your bouquet and your FI's bout. Don't use them in everything.
    6. Re-use your BM bouquets as centerpieces for reserved reception tables.
    7. Use less expensive stems in your colors for the centerpieces and altar pieces.
    8. Don't purchase a toss bouquet. You can buy a $5 bouquet at a grocery store for this.
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    I would check out for your flowers.  They ship directly to you, pre-made bouquets and they have really good prices. 

    Good Luck!
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