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Our wedding was in October and we used Donna Foster at Central Market as our florist.  We went with them, because of the reviews on the knot and because they came in much less expensive than other florists we had spoken with. 
I will start with saying that my bouquet and rest of the bridal party flowers were wonderful and exactly what we asked for.  Unfortunately this is kinda where that ended.  We had seen the submerged flowers from Bouquets of Austin and ordered a combination of those for our tables and smaller vases of roses and lilies.  When I met with Donna I brought photos along with text saying yes I want this type of arrangement but not a certain color rose.  Well unfortunately the exact color rose I asked to not get what was used throughout the wedding.  This was very disappointing to me, especially looking back at the photos now.  When I called after the wedding and asked what happened she said that she ordered a bicolor rose and she can't control what color the roses turn out in the order.  Personally there is a large difference between the roses I asked for when we met and the ones we received.  Personally I think this was a mistake on their end.  I also ordered a large and small vase of submerged flowers for some of the tables.  Again the wrong color roses were used and they forgot the smaller vase with submerged lilies.  When I asked about this, they said they didn't have it on the order.  Well in fact they did have it on the order she just couldn't read her own notes.  When this was pointed out she quickly added "well those flowers couldn't have been submerged anyway".  Personally another poor excuse for their own mistake.  Two weeks before the wedding we even met to go over the order and there were no questions about it, it all seemed understood.  Even the days before the wedding she called with more questions and clarifications and none of the things that came up.In the end I was told "I am sorry you were not happy with your order", when the correct response should have been "I am sorry you did not get the order you placed and paid for".  Instead of offering some sort of refund, it was turned back to us on how we wanted to proceed.  During the return of the vases we broke three (another reason I wanted to talk to them to make sure that was noted).  She said each vase was $40 dollars (which is very high for the quality of vase).  
Seeing how she wasn't willing to offer up any kind of refund and insinuating there was no mistake on their behalf I offered the resolution of just calling us even.  She agreed and that is where it was left.  

It is true you get what you paid for.  Flowers weren’t a huge thing on my list which is why we went with the cheaper source.  But in the end I would have much rather paid the additional $700 to get what we asked for instead of what we received.  We didn’t let this ruin our night at all; I just hate spending that amount of money to not receive what was ordered.   In my opinion if flowers aren’t high on your list of priorities and you don’t mind having what you ordered not be what you receive go with Central Market.   

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    I, too had similar problems with Central Market and with Donna Foster at my spring wedding recently. 

    The biggest problem with Donna is that she does not do email.  It was impossible to catch her because when you call the switchboard at Central Market, they have trouble directing you to the correct department.  I could not email her photos(SO frustrating) so my Mom and I had to go downtown to meet her twice.  She seemed nice enough and kept what I assumed were good notes about my requests.  However, when the day came, everything was wrong.  I had also asked for a specific color rose for my bouquets, which were completely off on my wedding day.  I had also expressly stated that I could not stand the smell of lillies and for her not to include them.  Come the wedding day, every arrangement and all the tables were covered in lillies.  For my altar flowers, Donna had suggested gladiolas, which my mother then said she did not want.  Can you guess what my altar flowers ended up being??  That's right-gladiolas!!  To top it all off, Central Market charged us $200 to "set up" the flowers on the wedding day, which turned out to be just dropping off the flowers basically.  Although the pricing was better than other places, it just wasn't worth it for all the mistakes. I halfway felt that she did the wrong thing on purpose.   When we complained, we got a similar response of "I'm sorry you were unhappy with the flowers."  I honestly think that if you are going to drop a few grand on flowers, they should be what you want!  What a disappointment!
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