Flower Prices...Help!!

What is an average for flower pricing? It's the one area I am totally unfamiliar with. I've gone to a few different florists in the area and have received different quotes each time. I'm looking to get 1 bridal bouquet, 6 bridesmaids bouquets, 7 boutonnieres for the guys + 2 for the FOB and FOG, 2 small bouquets for the MOB and MOG, and corsages for the grandparents. Anybody have something similar to give me an idea?? Any advice would help at this point....
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Re: Flower Prices...Help!!

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    Catwoman708Catwoman708 member
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    You really need to ask on your local board.  Prices can vary a great deal in different areas, and even between florists in the same area.

    It also depends a lot on what type of flowers you use, how simple or elaborate you want them, and if you want something very specific, or if you're willing to take the florists suggestions on style, type of flowers, and how to keep the price down.
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    fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    I agree with the PP.  However, just to give you some idea, your personal flowers would run you around $500-$550+ on average here in Texas.
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    tme820tme820 member
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    It depends on what type of flowers you plan on getting.

    This is what my Flower list consist of:

    Bridal Bouquet - Roses & Oriental Lilies
    1 MOH Bouquet - Roses
    3 BM bouquets - Roses
    2 MOB/MOG bouquets
    2 FOB/FOG Boutonniere
    1 BM Boutonniere - Roses
    3 GM Boutonniere - Roses
    6 Pew Bows
    1 Flower Girl Bouquet
    Flowers for the Altar
    1 Throw away bouquet

    My Price for all of that was $800.
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    MidgetthMidgetth member
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    It really does depend on your area and also what kind of flowers you plan on using. To me the prices these girls are saying seem high to me. My mom is a florist & what she does is ask the Brides how much they would like to spend & what  kind of flowers they would like. And she makes it work any every budget with any flower. If your budget is small & you want expensive flower you will get the expensive flowers but a smaller boquet & more filling (baby' breath, greens etc little cheap stuff). She's never had any complaints.  It also depends on how creative your florist is & how creative you let him or her be. If you are on a small budget if they are creative & you let them then they'll give you exactly what you want
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    10- tall table
    10- short table
    my bouquet
    2 FGS
    7 BOUTS
    6 BM
    2  church
    2 mothers
    all consist of circus roses and other mixture with very little greenery is costing me around $3400.00
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    The reason your flower prices vary between vendors is because they are not all using the same formulas for your bouquets/centerpieces, etc. For instance when you say I would like a lavender rose hand tied bouquet with white daisies one vendor, who takes great pride in her work envisions (and estimates for) a large full bouquet with premium roses, very little filler flowers or greenery and premium white Gerbera daisies randomly scattered throughout. She achieves joy by the satisfaction of her clients.

    Vendor number two, who simply wants to make the most for her buck and isn't all that concerned with how you will feel when you see the bouquet, is envisioning (and estimating for) a smallish bouquet with 5 random roses of substandard quality (because they are much less expensive), lots of babies breath, a snarl of leaves and a whole lot of daisies. She is only in the business for the money. Maybe she even went to school and took classes on how to cheat her customers by giving them the least amount of flowers while making the most money. She achieves joy by the clanging sound of her cash register as the customer leave her store.

    These two bouquets are both the same basic flower types and both hand-tied. But we get what we pay for and a florist who has a good reputation for quality is well worth paying for. Maybe her price isn't a low as the other florist but you will love her work. And when you look back over the years in photos at your bridal bouquet you will smile at the beauty of it.

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