Tulips in July?

I would love to have tulips at my July wedding in Montana. Is this possible? I know they are a spring flower but I love them! Any input would be great, thanks.

Re: Tulips in July?

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    They're all over here in LA.  I would check out your local flower shop or grocery store flowers and see if any are still out.  Maybe talk to the florist and ask if they are normally out at this time.
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    How hot is it in Montana in July?
    I am asking because tulips open (and wilt) incredibly fast.  If you have a long day, it's hard to keep them "nice" for a long period of time.

    Just a forewarning!  (I also think they're beautiful... but, they're not right for every wedding set-up)
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    Most likely they would have to be imported if available at all. Talk to your or any florist to get a few hints and tips. I really doubt you will be able to get them and that if you do that they will stay nice. they will probably bloom out too early and not look liek tulips.  
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