Corsages for moms/grandmoms--dilemma

My mom and grandmother have BEGGED me not to make them wear corsages, which is fine by me, however I know that my FH's mom and granmother will probably be offended if I don't get them (which again is fine by me...) my question is, what else could I do for my mom and grandmother to make them a little more distinguished at the ceremony? I would like to do something such as a brooch or something, but I'm just not sure. Any ideas?

Re: Corsages for moms/grandmoms--dilemma

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    I meant to say it is fine by me to get my MIL and my FH's mom their sounded so rude the way I said it was ok that they would be offended...
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    have your florist make them a mini posy to carry, or a corsage that can be attached to their handbag.
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    I'd just suggest you ask each mother/grandmother if they would like one or not.  If not, just ASK them for an alternate suggestion.  Maybe a very small nosegay sized bouquet to carry or attach to their purse, some flowers for thier hair, or a pretty pin/brooch. 

    Maybe as you go up the aisle, stop and give them a single rose and a hug as a surprise.  If you just want to indicate to them they are special, that should do it.  If you want something that sets them apart from guests, there is no need.  Everyone will know who the mothers are.

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    Thanks to both of the suggestions. I know it's not necessary, I just thought a little something would be nice :o)
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