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Removal/Toss of the garter?

Any suggestions???I thought about getting rid of the bouquet toss, BUT I'm pretty young and I know their will be lots of singles at my wedding. Plus my sisters friend always takes this part pretty seriously and will beat people for the bouquet...It's been an on-going joke for, I've decided for the toss to play "eye of the tiger" but I'm not sure what to play for the garter removal and toss...any ideas?!Thanks Ladies :-)

Re: Removal/Toss of the garter?

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    "Another One Bites the Dust" is absolutely a must for our reception playlist and I had never thought of using it for a garter toss song!  I love it!
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    omg eye of the tiger is wicked cute for the bouquet toss! for the garter we are either going to use Get Off by Halestorm or Cherry Pie by Warrant.
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