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recap of traditional dances

I havent been to a lot of weddings. what are all of the typical first dances or some of the different ones you guys are doing? I know theres the bride/groom father/bride and mother/groom is there also a MOB/groom and/or FOG/bride?

Re: recap of traditional dances

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    I haven't seen a MOB/Groom or FOG/Bride unless there was a special circumstance. The most traditional dances include: Bride/GroomFOB/BrideMOG/GroomSome others that I have seen and loved:Sister of Groom/GroomHTH!
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    Thanks! That helps a lot I was sure hoping I wouldn't be expected to dance w/ his dad, that'd be kinda ackward. You also answered my other question which is whether or not its be weird for me to dance w/ my bro, so cool now I just gotta pick out a song
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