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Have two dads to dance with

I have a dad and a stepdad to dance with.  Dad was only in my life for the first six years then was out of my life for about about 14 years and now we've gotten back in touch for the past six years.  Stepdad has been there for the time inbetween and there after.  Any ideas of good songs that I could dance to with them.  Also, I want them both to walk me down the aisle but they are both big men so all three of us walking together is out.  Any ideas as to how we can work this? Any ideas, no matter how big, small or outlandish will be greatly appreciated.

Re: Have two dads to dance with

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    kls114kls114 member
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    Are you doing two separate dances? What about Heartland's "I loved her first" for your stepdad? For you Dad how about "Daughters" by John Mayer?
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    areidy78areidy78 member
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    I did two father dances. I danced to "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder with my Dad and "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts with my Stepdad. My Mom gave me away because I am really close to her and she and my Grandmother raised my sister and I.
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    subdolasubdola member
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    I had almost exactly the same issue.  I ended up having my dad walk me down the isle alone because I know it meant a lot to him, but I have heard of people having the step-dad walk halfway down and then handing the bride to the dad who walks the rest of the way (or vice-versa).  As for the dance, I did two, the first with my dad, the second with my step-dad when my DH danced with his step-mom.  For my dad and I we danced to Isn't She Lovely since we weren't that close always an a sappy song about being a 'daddy's girl' wasn't going to fit.  We considered doing Paul Simon's Father and Daughter and having the DJ cut the song down since it;s really long.  For the step-parent dance we did What a Wonderful World.
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    Even though I am a girl, I am dancing to Brad Paisley's "He didn't have to be "with my step dad it fits so well. He has been there so much for me and my mom. I mean my dad and I were close and he was there but with him being a Marine I didnt see him as much as I liked to, and now that he is not with me anymore, My step-dad is taking all of the father of the bride roles.
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