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Slow Dancing?

For the music during the reception, is it standard to include slow songs so guests can slow dance? I tend to think I'd rather play only upbeat songs for some fun dancing (we're half Indian, and the Indians LOVE the dancing part) - I want to keep it high energy and really exciting and fun. But I don't want to disappoint any couples who might expect slow dancing and want to have their own romantic moment or whatever.

So is it standard at weddings for there to be some slow songs played during the dane portion of the reception? Would you be disappointed or find it weird to go to a wedding that didn't have any slow songs?
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Re: Slow Dancing?

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    bethsmilesbethsmiles member
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    Slow dancing is defiantly a standard for weddings. But if you have a DJ they know what they are doing and will incorporate the right mix of slow and fast songs, they will also read the crowd and adjust what they decide to play. I don't know if you have a DJ but if you do its really not something to stress about :)

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    I just attended a wedding 3 weeks ago with no slow songs, and it was kinda weird, we're gonna have about 3-4 slow songs at out wedding and we're gonna let the dj decide when the right time to play them is. We thing that some people who won't dance to fast songs will at least get up and dance to the slow ones.
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    graysquirrelgraysquirrel member
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    I think that having a few slow songs is a must. People do get tired when dancing and having a few lower energy songs will give them a break. Some people are also very shy and self conscious about their dancing skills but still want to join in. Slow songs are very good for those people because they can still participate without feeling bad. 
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