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I am looking for opinions on my thoughts for music at my wedding reception.

We are having an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception at The Atrium in Atlanta.  This will be an afternoon reception with a buffet lunch.  We are not big dancers, but would like to do a first dance at least - and we are having a fairly small wedding (approx. 75 guests). 

I don't want to go completely without music, but would it be weird to have music without much dancing?  I have found a guitarist that could play/sing live music and dj as well, but I don't want it to be weird.


What do you think?

Re: music??

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    tpender13tpender13 member
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    I don't think it would be weird. People probably won't dance earlier in the day anyway. I DJ'd a wedding myself once where the couple just wanted me to play dinner music, then they did a first dance and a bouquet toss after dinner. That was it, and it wasn't awkward at all.
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    twilight.rosetwilight.rose member
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    I think that would be fine. I've never attended a morning/afternoon reception where there's much dancing anyway, so I think simply having some background music to set the ambiance is completely acceptable.
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