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utter lack of a clue for a first dance :(

Hi All!

FI and I have been engaged for a month now, and we've pondered the first dance a couple of times so far.  Each time it comes up, we just kind of blink at each other for a few seconds and draw a total blank.  there isn't really One Song that defines us, even though we're both total music heads. We both love more classic rock and our favorite group is Queen, but I was already thinking of using Somebody to Love as a wedding party/bridal entrance. 

Does anyone have any inspiration as to how to find this magical song?  How did you and FI decide on yours?  TIA :)

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Re: utter lack of a clue for a first dance :(

  • kls114kls114 member
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    It is a tough choice to try to pick just one! I have a couple in my head right now & always go back & forth...

    IMO, I think the best way to go about it is to look online at various first song sites, here are some for inspiration....




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  • liz745liz745 member
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    My FI and I struggled with this for a long time. Eventually we just took sometime listened to a bunch of potentials and picked one. Then I had to let it go. There are so many songs its hard to choose and keep it at just one. I would say make a list of songs (any and all) that would work and then pick one with your FI.
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    I'm sorry you are having so much trouble finding a song. I was almost dead set on At Last by Etta James, and my Fiance came in one night and said " No,no,no listen to this one. It's how I feel about you." Turns out it was the song Look at you Girl by Chris LeDoux. After hearing the lyrics I started crying and scratched off At Last. I was worried that it wouldn't be right to dance to a song meant FOR me FROM him, but he's got his heart set on it. Maybe think of a song that expresses how one of you feel and go with it. I've come to a point where I feel honored that he would do that for me, and I don't feel so selfish anymore! Embarassed

    And don't sweat it...it will come to you.
    Good Luck!
  • kastran78kastran78 member
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    We are dancing to Ingrid Michaelson's version of Can't Help Falling in Love
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    We are dancing to Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban, I love that song :o)

    If you like classic rock (which I love, btw) check out this link on the knot...great tunes!

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    Also, if you like Bryan Adams song To Really Love a Woman is such a nice first song :o)
  • mrs.rabmrs.rab member
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    My original choice "The Book of Love" -Peter Gabriel was vetoed (sp?) by my FI. 

    So I had him give me some songs that he would like to use. As soon as "First Day of My Life"-Bright Eyes came on, I cried my eyes out. And we have a first dance song!

    So, think outside the box. And make sure that the song moves you. :)
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  • JeremiahSarahJeremiahSarah member
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    I really adore the song "Everything I Do" by Bryan Adams. My fiance and I may dance to that one. Choosing the right song for your First Dance can be tough since there are so many beautiful songs out there.

    I also like "When" by Brad Paisley and "This Year's Love" by David Gray. My best friend used the latter at her wedding and it made me tear up.


    Best of luck in choosing your song!

  • PDXMarthaPDXMartha member
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    We're dancing to DMB "You and Me".
    Our friend got married a couple months ago.  She asked us for "our song" to dedicate to us since I was her MOH.
    We realized we didn't have a song.  Fiance just purchased a cd (DM is a favorite of his) and just played through, listening.  we first found Baby Blue (or something??) and it was cute but didn't fit us (for one, neither of us have blue eyes.....)  but then we stumbled across this song.
    We both love it.  We both have it in our cars and on our ipods so we can play it at a moments notice; it relaxes us.  It makes us smile.  It's our song. :)  And we came across it by playing a CD trying to find a song for us...song by song...
    Good luck!!  If it wasn't for a friend asking what it was, we probably would still be wondering ourself.  Then again, we're actually keeping it a secret (b/c we want to) so we never did tell her our song...we told her another song instead.
  • Whippet8Whippet8 member
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    we had a hard time at first, but we eventually decided on Adam Sandler's "Grow old with you". honestly, I didnt think it would be a big deal, and I thought the words were so cute and genuine, but once it started, the whole room went "aww" and many people told us that that moment is when they started to cry.

    since it is such a short song, we also had a second dance to keith urban's memories of us, and invited all of the couples in love to join.
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