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Father and Stepfather songs???

So, I'm having my father and my stepfather walk me down the aisle. My father and I are dancing to My Little Girl by Tim McGraw. I want to have a time where I can dance with my stepfather as well. I dont know what song to do it though. He's really not a fatherly guy to me because I was older when my mom married him. I dont even call him dad. Please help me!!!

Re: Father and Stepfather songs???

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    Hmm, how about Smile by Nat King Cole?

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    If he's not "fatherly" to you, why is he walking you down the aisle? Is your dad comfortable with this?

    To answer your question... If it were me, I wouldn't make the stepfather dance a "spotlight" event. If you want to dance with him, just ask him at some point in the night. If you do want to make it an event, maybe you could start by looking at a list of songs by bands/singers he likes. Or ask him if he has an opinion.
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    Thank you! That really helped. I think im not going to make his dance a big spotlight thing. Just a casual me and him thing
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