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DJ need help!

So, my FI and I are paying for our wedding ourselves.  It will be a small wedding of about 75 to 100 people (no more than 100).  My FI wants to get a pro to run our music.  However, I have a friend of a friend who has offered to DJ for $400, the pro is $600.  The $400 DJ doesn't do this for a living, but has done several events, has a band, and seems like he would do a great job.   Please help us choose.  What would you do?

Re: DJ need help!

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    Well I would always go with the Pro. There is just something comforting about someone who does this for a living & makes it a priority. Not to knock your friend though at all. Is there a event he is doing that you could go watch him?  Maybe if you do end up going with the friend you at least will know how he performs.

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    You could do a few things.  You could ask the pro dj if he could come down to the $400 that your friend is.  If you ask him to come down do not say that it is a friend of yours.  Tell him that you found someone willing to do it for $400.  See what the pro can offer.  Honestly, going with pros does make people comfortable but if you have a friend that is cheaper watch him at an event like kls114 said.  There are pros and cons about both.  Sit down and list them about the pro dj and the friend that is willing to do it. 

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