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    I'm making a brooch bouquet, but now that I've found a beautiful bouquet with fresh flowers. I'm on the fence about mine. My mother is in love with the brooch bouquet and I probably have $150 invested into it :( Gah! I hate making decisions.
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    [QUOTE]We are dancing to "Brown Eyed Girl." <strong> I can't see my dad lasting through some sappy song. </strong>
    Posted by mrsamandamiller[/QUOTE]

    My dad will lose it either way, so I figure a sappy song is a nice cover for him :P
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    I confess that I can't stand Justin Bieber. It killed me a little to watch an entire Glee episode with only his songs in it- even if they did it better. Sigh.

    And I confess that I've had daydreams of having my first kiss as husband and wife and the recessional to the tune of "Soul Sister." Luckily, the radio stations in CS kind of, well, suck, so I'm not sick of it.
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