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Short aisle + small wedding party - how do I work out lenght of music

Please help with our music snafu

As far as ceremony music is concerned we have a short aisle and a small bridal party of 4 (3 girls ages 6, 8 & 11 and one fellow age 5). The song we have chosen for their entrance is @ 3 minutes long. To compensate for the length of the song we are considering having the MOB, and special guest enter to the same song. NOT sure how this will work out.

Snafu number two- My dad is walking me down this short aisle. In real life we could walk this aisle in 20 seconds. The song is 2+ minutes.

How do we compensate for the length of the actual song versus the extra short aisle?

Snafu # 3 - we have planned for 3 singers. However I can not find the instrumental version of the songs. I have contacted two DJ and both tell me that removing vocals from a prerecording song requires special equipment and otherwise difficult to pull off. at best it results in a poor quality. I do not have instrumentalist at my disposal nor do I want to spend extra money to hire keyboard etc.

Suggestions are welcomed

Re: Short aisle + small wedding party - how do I work out lenght of music

  • Snafu 1: Shorten the song.  Arrange it so only the first verse and chorus are sung or something like that.

    Snafu 2: Same as snafu one.  Also, walk slowly.

    Snafu 3: I really don't have any good suggestions.  All I can say is keep looking for those instrumental versions.  I can't give you any good ideas of where to look.
  • Snafu 2: We were having the same problem, but our song is almost 4 minutes long. We decided that the bridal party will start off the song (we have 8 girls and 8 guys), then the bride (that's me!) will enter during the most climactic part of the song. We still might shorten it by having the second verse taken out.
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