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the chairman's waltz?

i think we want the wp/me walking in to the chairman's waltz from memoirs of a geisha.. it's gorgeous, we love it.. but i'm wondering what you think & wanting some feedback on that? our wedding is mostly victorian with a little japanese.. 

also probably before.. we would play ''a dream discarded'' ''sayuri's theme'' & part of ''becoming a geisha'' ..depending on time

Re: the chairman's waltz?

  • edited December 2011
    It's a really beautiful song, but I wouldn't use it for THE song. It seems so sad to me... in fact all of them do. Not to mention I think they really sound like soundtrack music; it's not just music that will offer atmosphere for when everybody's eyes are on you; I feel like it could be distracting. I'm sorry to be critical, maybe I just have different taste but that's my opinion.

    What about an instrumental version of "Towani Tomoni" by Kobukuro -- it's a lovely Japanese love song and if you have it in instrumental there won't be lyrics.

    Or what about an instrumental version of the Japanese Wedding Song -- Imo se o chi giru...?

    Good luck with whatever you decide!
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