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BALTIMORE BRIDES do not trust JASON CANAAN'S Wedding Wire reviews

We hired JASON CANAAN through Absolute Entertainment. Absolute Entertainment is great, I'd recommend it to anyone. JASON CANAAN, however, left the company two months before our wedding and went to his on-again, off- again, Jason Canaan and Quality Entertainment business. His performance at our wedding was poor and I reviewed him on Wedding Wire. This is the review I posted on Wedding Wire:We cannot say enough about this guy! He wooed us on the first meeting—charisma up the ying yang.We had no dout that after food, the music/dancing was going to be the highlight of our reception.  We contracted with this guy through Absolute Entertainment.  We had not budgeted for the exorbitant fee he initially asked for, so we were going to choose another dj, but he worked within our budget.  We were still over budget but we were loving him and thought he was worth it.  Two months prior to our wedding he left AE under not-so-amicable terms.  We didn't care what had happened, we still stood by Jason, because we thought he had our number as far as music went. Huge mistake.On our second and last meeting (on a Saturday morning, at his house/home office, for convenience) things went south.  We waited for him at least 20 minutes so he could roll out of bed while we were entertained by his pets.  After this meeting we got a feeling he might not deliver.  When we suggested he visit the venue (that he'd never been to) he refused because it was too far.  What vendor does that?  We gave him a long list of must play songs, which he pretty much ignored He only played about 6 of them. The music he played was poorly put together.  My heart prunes Cry as I think back on that part of the evening.  He's definitely not mic shy, as his endorsement by D Bryant Photography states.  He used the mic for comments that our guests did not need to hear. We could go on and on about how disappointed we were/still are. This guy turned out to be a farce, lazy, unprofessional and tactless. We would've done better using an iPod.Angry about the review, Jason Canaan called the very next day to argue with my husband about it. He even offered to return gratuities (given my mistake) if we took down the review. We didn't take it down and so he disputed it, as he had threatened to do. I guess that's what he usually does in order to maintain his 5.0 rating on Wedding Wire.Wedding Wire removed the review from the page because we signed him through Absolute Entertainment. So even though he single-handedly delivered the music for our reception, at a time when he had severed ties with Absolute Entertainment, he wants the review to go on Absolute Entertainment's page. I'm reviewing his performance not the company's customer service.Note: If you've seen his rave reviews on Wedding Wire or Project Wedding or anywhere else, know that he may have attained these through his friends or written them himself (do your research on him and Wedding Wire).
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