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Reception Entrance Song Ideas?

What songs are you using to enter the reception?
 I am thinking about using Chris Brown - Yeah 3x's
was going to do Black eyes Peas - tonights going to be a good night (or whatever its called)
and our friends that are getting married just before us are using, "Club cant handle me"
so we cant use that.
I love love love the song "you are the best thing" by Ray Lamontagne, not sure where to fit this song it, because my fiance hasnt given a straight answer about it being used for our first dance or not. Its an option to use as the entrance song..

Re: Reception Entrance Song Ideas?

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    I LOVE "Good Night" by the Black Eyed Peas... I'm actually trying to convince my FI to use the instrumental music from Love Actually, at the end where Jamie's on his way to Aurelia to ask her to marry him =) He thinks it's "too epic," but I mean hey... so is getting married. Plus, he hates hip hop... I should start suggesting some in order to get him around to my way of thinking!
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    edited December 2011 has 2 articles, that I think went up today or at least they emailed me today that are all about music choices.  One is just 5 different options chosen by the writers of Brides for all different parts of the wedding and then there is a link to like 10 other married couples and all the songs they used for the different parts of their weddings.  Check it out, you may find something you love.  I really like the BEP song idea though - great way to get people excited and wanting to dance. 
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    We're using "I'll Be There For You" By the Rembrants (Friends Theme Song). Not only does it pretty much exempley what our WP has done for us, but its my FI and my obsession lol. When we met with our DJ he made sure to remind us that at the reception probably won't even hear it (well, they'll hear it but it'll be snippets) because the DJ will be intro'ing all the WP and the only time they'll be hearing the song is in between the introductions.
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