Too long for a bridal march?

Hey ladies, I need your opinions. I'm trying to figure out how long the bridal march should be (note- just me, not the whole processional), but I'm having no luck. The song I really want to use would be about 1:15 total, and I don't want the rest of the party to walk in to that song. Would that be too long, or could we make it work? Please don't say "it depends how far you're walking." It's an average aisle in an average chapel. Thanks so much!

Re: Too long for a bridal march?

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    just play the song...and it will stop when you get to the front.

    or are you asking b/c you want the song to play in its entirety?

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    I would really prefer to play the entire 1:15-- it's so beautiful! I also think it feels more complete to play the whole song.

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    Maybe time it to where it plays for a bit before you walk out and ends as you get to the altar??
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    [QUOTE]Maybe time it to where it plays for a bit before you walk out and ends as you get to the altar??
    Posted by kari829[/QUOTE]

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    Agreed. Its not too long that you cant play a little before hand...and walk a little slower :)
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    I usually allow about two minutes of music when I play weddings.  Sometimes my quartet has to make a cut because it's too much, and sometimes we have to put in a repeat.  1'15"  should be just fine.  That's really not that long a time even if you were standing at the altar the whole time!  Just let it finish while your MOH fixes your train and you gaze lovingly into your fiance's eyes.  It'll be beautiful.  :)
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    My cousin's song was about 3 1/2 minutes and she streched it out as long as possible by walking slowly and then more time spent with her father giving her away and lifting her veil. I think you could definitely make 1:15 work.
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    My entrance song is like 5 min long, I just figured I would let it play a little before I walked, walk slow but not too slow, and by the time my dad gives me away and I get up there, the Dj would know to fade it out. 1:15 will be fine I think.
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