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In need of song suggestions please!

Hi.  A little background:  2nd marriage for both of us (he's 53 and I'm 41).  FH's parents are deceased and his children are grown (26 and 21).  My parents and his children will have a small part in the ceremony in support of the marriage. 

During the reception, I will dance with my Dad and FH will dance with MY Mom at the same time.  Then I will dance with Step Son while FH dances with his daughter.  I don't want anything too 'Wind Beneath my Wings' for our dance with my parents since FH is dancing with my Mom.  We're doing unususal songs for ceremony processional and recessional and we're open to something unusual for dance with my parents.  Something meaningful would also be fine.  We're thinking of Rod Stewart's 'Forever Young' to dance with the kids but haven't decided yet.  Mom and Dad don't have any favorites nor do they remember what they danced to at their wedding 45 years ago.  Our dance with my parents can't be too fast but it doesn't have to be traditional either.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Bethany in NH
9 days to go!
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