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Ceremony music violin/cello duet

Hello ladies,

I am getting married in only three weeks and still need to select my ceremony songs. We hired a violin/cello duet who say they can play anything we can get sheet music for. What we want to do is play mostly contemporary songs (like Vitamin String Quartet style), and then a more traditional classical for the brides walk down the aisle, which my mom would like.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm sure there are existing threads on this so if anyone could point me in that direction, that would be helpful too.


Re: Ceremony music violin/cello duet

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    Try checking out Corelli. I'm a big fan. He was basically the first famour violinist. I find his music is a little more modern-friendly, while still being traditional (he was around in the 1600's.) Maybe try La Follia?
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    Ooh, or maybe Philip Glass?
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