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What special dances are you planning on doing?  I have been reading all these wedding books and some of them have these dances that I have never heard of like Best Man and MOH dance as well as a separate Wedding Party dance.  Just wanted to see what everyone's plans were.

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    tpender13tpender13 member
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    If we have a dance, we'll do the first dance and that's it. Neither of us really care about doing a garter/bouquet toss, or dances with our parents. Though I do kind of like the idea of doing an anniversary dance, where you ask all the married couples to dance, asking people to sit down if they've been married less than x amount of time, and so on, until the people married the longest are the only ones left...
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    trix1223trix1223 member
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    Skip the WP dance.  No one in the WP really wants to dance with a random person in front of an audience.  And your guests certainly don't want to watch your WP dance.  It's boring.

    And so, of course, DO NOT, do not, do not, make the MOH and BM dance?  I can't imagine why anyone thinks that's a good idea!

    Three dances:  bride & groom;  father/daughter;  mother/son.

    Then let your guests take the floor and enjoy dancing themselves instead of watching people that they don't know and could not care less about taking their party time.
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