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"Can't see my aunt and uncle grooving to Lady Gaga" help.

We're having a small, simple wedding where ceremony and reception will be at the same spot.  Majority of our guests will be the "have-to-invite" relatives that I really can't imagine groovin to anything.  My friends and I LOVE to go dancing...but the groom's friends not so much.  I think it would be awkward to have Lady Gaga playing in the background and no one, can anyone recommend songs, artists,  that would be good no-pressure-to-dance music, but still "hey, let's dance"?

Re: "Can't see my aunt and uncle grooving to Lady Gaga" help.

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    Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    Are you having a DJ? If so, they can answer this for you.

    Most weddings have a mix of ages, because older family members are invited. In my case, it's US who are older, and our kids and nieces and nephews are the ones that will want young music.

    Google songs for the era you are talking about........60's music, 70's music, etc. Top 20 hits from those years will help you. Some are fast, some are slow.
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    kissamarykissamary member
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    there was this really neat article in the knot's spring/summer 2010 issue (at least in the kc one, i'm sure it was in all of them).  It was called "get down tonight" and it was a bunch of song ideas from different genres for different occassions like "get your grandma to groove" and "get the couples to smooch"
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    kls114kls114 member
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    Ditto pp. If you are having a DJ they should totally help you in this situation--this is their speciality!
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    I'm working on compiling a list that will have a mix of all tastes. FI is a metalhead so we are putting a couple "softer" metal songs on there and some fun club songs for my friends and myself. We will have some country, of course! And for the rest we will probably do classic rock and 80's.
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    gothicfairygothicfairy member
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    I am mixing counrty, some 80's & 90s. Like Bon Jovi, The Temptions, & Savage Garden.Plus much more.  Play the cupid shuffle. Everyone will be sure to get out there & dance. Hope this helps. And best of luck with your wedding.
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