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Walking Down the Aisle and Father Daughter Dance

Okay, so my life has taken some unexpected changes just shy of six months before my wedding. My dad was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor and was plagued with a massive infection after the surgery to remove the tumor. The infection has left him with numerous deficits and I have been told that I should look for alternate means of him walking me down the aisle because it is not likely to happen. So any suggestions? I am the only child and it is something that means a lot to both him and I, and I want it to be a part of my big day.
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Re: Walking Down the Aisle and Father Daughter Dance

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    Sorry to hear about that. What if you did a slide show during the reception of a bunch of pics of you and your dad and you guys sat together? I had a friend who did something similiar to that because her dad was on crutches at the time and couldn't dance.

    This is the song my dad and I are using if you are also looking for song ideas.
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    I am really sorry to hear about your father.  I can understand what it means to you to have him walk you down the isle. Think of other ways that he can give you away.  You could always walk down the isle by yourself and then closer to the end he could stand with you and give you away.  Doctors aren't always right.  They told my friend that her mom only had 3 months to live and she lived for 5 years after that.  I have seen miracles.  Maybe you could get married before your actual date.  Like maybe you could get married twice.  Have your reception on the date planned but have the ceremony now so that your dad can give you away.  Hope this helps.  Good Luck and I hope everything goes well with your father!
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