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Father/Daughter "nontraditional" dance

Hi Ladies-
I'm not sure if anyone can be of help here, but I figured I would try. So for the wedding, my Dad asked if I wanted to do a fun "nontraditiona" (not a slow song) dance. I think it would be really fun, especially considering NO one would expect it from him since he's not a dancer and he's a pretty shy guy. We are going to keep it a secret from everyone and have it be a surprise on the wedding day. I think I want to do it to Sharp Dressed Man by ZZTop because that has always been a favorite song of ours. Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where or how to choreograph moves. I used to be a dancer, but it was jazz and ballet, so I'm pretty rusty. I looked at youtube to see if there was anything we could get ideas from, but there wasn't much. Any suggestions, ideas, or anything that could help us do a simple but fun dance would be great. Thanks!

Re: Father/Daughter "nontraditional" dance

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    My friend did Brown eyed girl...if you have brown eyes that would be cute
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    You two should just turn on the song when you are together and see where it takes you.  I highly suggest adding a little cheesey moves in there to get people laughing.  I think if you have the song on the moves will just come to you, practice it a few times and there you go!  Good Luck
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