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XP: Commute from Denton to Ft. Worth

Hi Ladies,

I am interested in a job in Ft. Worth (specifically Saginaw) but my apartment lease in Denton is not up until Dec. 31. The school I'm looking at is an estimated 42 minutes from Denton. How long would the commute be if I took 35W around 7 AM and then on my way home around 5 PM? TIA!

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    ....I doubt the trip would be bad at 7:00 but at 5:00??  It might not be a fun one.  But seriously though, I think it would be doable for a short amount of time.  Especially if it's a job you really want.  I'd probably put up with just about anything when it came to commute for a job that I really, really wanted.
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    I would think about 45 minutes.... especially since it is north Ft Worth
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    As far as I can tell, commuting to Fort Worth from Denton is not as bad as to Dallas. I say go for it, don't let that keep you from a great job!
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    Yay! That's a relief. That's the closet open dance position to Denton... that I know of anyway. Thanks for your help!
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    If you don't have to take any part of 820 then I think about 45 minutes will be about right.  Once you get to the speedway on 35W it's pretty thin on the traffic.  However, if 820 is part of the route then I say to plan on an hour.  I agree with everyone else though:  you can do it for your "dream" job for a while.  When I first started teaching, I drove from Mesquite to Grapevine every day.  Good luck!!!!
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    I live in Saginaw and commuted to UNT for some time. Around 7 you will still run into a good amount of traffic from Golden Triangle to 820. It will probably take you closer to an hour. At 5 you will be looking at anywhere from an hour to an hour an twenty minutes. HTH!
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    Thank you all so much for your helpful comments. I would not have to travel on 820 for those of you that were asking. I applied last Friday and will follow up with the principal this Friday. As of right now I haven't heard anything, but I sure hope I can get an interview!
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    My dance director travels from Garland (30 and 635 basically) to Fort Worth (20 and 820) M-F! It is a good hour drive each way. And she has been doing it for about 3 years. Guess she loves it that much Smile
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