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Ceremony Music on the Piano?

Does anyone have contemporary song ideas that could be played on the piano (without singing) before, during, and after the ceremony at the church?  I'm not sure if I want something traditional, but I don't know if newer songs will be recognizable on the piano???

Re: Ceremony Music on the Piano?

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    My ceremony pianist gave us a list of songs he has sheet music for.  Some are relatively contemporary, some are not.  See if you can get a play list from your musician to start you off.  Also, go online to look for piano-only versions of songs you like to see how well they translate.  Youtube can be useful for this, if you don't mind listening to mediocre pianists who like to record themselves. :)

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    Thanks!  My computer at home is too slow for Youtube, so I'll see if I can find a friend to let me use it.  I have found several songs that I like, but I want to hear them played on the piano first.   Smile  If anyone else has a song they love on piano, please do share.
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    Anything by Yiruma, a South Korean pianist. We;re using "Kiss the Rain." Beautiful!
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