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Father-Daugther Dance song ideas

I'm a daddys girl all the way!! But I dont want a sappy daddy's girl song. My dad is a huge jokester and I am proud to admit that I am too. I know this dance is very special for the both of us, but I have no clue what to dance to...any ideas ladies? I will say that when I was little and Roy Orbion's Pretty Woman came on we would dance to that in the living that too silly to dance to that or since it has memories to us will that be ok?

Re: Father-Daugther Dance song ideas

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    i think whatever your comfortable with is perfect. i have the same relationship with my dad and we are dancing to my wish by rascal flatts 
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    I agree--whatever you love go for it!
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    I agree. Whatever you want goes as it is your wedding and the rules are yours to create. I know for my daddy-daughter dance I wanna dance to I Loved Her First by: Heartland. Do what you want as it is your wedding and whatever you want goes!
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    I dont want a real sappy one either, so my dad and i are going to dance to Hotel California, since we both love that song!
    THe thought had crossed my mind to use a real slow one and then cut in with some hip hop song and have him and I learn a choreographed part, and then go back to the sappy song....might be kinda fun!!
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    Tim McGraw "My Little Girl"
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    We're using "Wedding Day" which is kinda sappy I guess. I think that if you pick a non-traditional type of song, just make it a fun one. If your guests just see you guys having a great time, the words to the song aren't go even be noticed, I think they'll just see how happy you guys are dancing together.
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    We were going to have Forever young by Rod Stewart.
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    We are dancing to My Girl because we both wanted a more upbeat song.
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    Like PP, it's whatever song defines your relationship with him.  For me, we're dancing to "Sweet Melissa" by the Allman Brothers since he named me after it.  I think we're going to turn it into the Purple People-Eater song at the end because my dad love it! =)

    (I know, it's wayyy weird! But it's so us!)
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    Pretty Woman is fine if you both have good memories about it. My daughter danced to "Pick Up The Pieces" by Average White Band with her Dad.
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