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Is anyone NOT having two different songs in their processional?  I LOVE Arioso by Bach and I really want to walk down the aisle to it... but I think my walk is too short I'd rather hear more than 20 seconds of the song.  So I thought of having my maids walk down to that.... but then I don't know what to walk down to.  Something similar..?

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    I am using the instrumental version of a song and I am just going to have the beginning repeat until all my bridesmaids are down the aisle and then there is a part in the song that is dramatic, which is when I will begin my walk.  You could do something along those lines, if there is a part of the song you really like then I would use that to cue your walk down the aisle.
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    I agree, there's no reason you couldn't walk in to the same song as your BM's.  I've seen that & done that quite a few times playing myself.  As mentioned by CM, the musician/organist/whomever can just begin to make it a little more dramatic before your entrance.  Plus, the congregation will know it's your turn, when the mothers stand, which they could just use a certain part in the song for their cue. 
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    [QUOTE]I was a church organist for more than 20 years, and many of my brides used the same music for the attendants.  I just upped the organ registration a bit before the bride came in to get people's attention.  If you want something different for the attendants, how about "Sheep May Graze" or Canon in D by Bach?
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    Not to dispute a fellow organist =), but do you mean Canon in D by Pachelbel?  Sheep May Safely Graze is by Bach.

    Also, I second the idea that it's entirely possible to use the same piece for WP and Bride.  Just change the registration on the organ to a brighter sound, and put a subtle pause in and it will differentiate.

    I love Arioso and think it's a perfect processional.

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    We used one song for the entire processional.  It worked just fine.
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