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Bride/Father-in-Law Dance help!!!

My best friend is getting married soon.  She has no family coming to the wedding (both parents have died) and has decided to dance with her new father-in-law because she diesn't have a dad.  Anyone have suggestions for a good song, that isn't mushy - something upbeat and fun? 

I would appreciate any and all suggestions.  I want to make this earier on her!!!

Thanks so much!!

Re: Bride/Father-in-Law Dance help!!!

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    I think it's great that she's doing something out of the ordinary, but it is okay to skip it if she feels weird about it. It doesn't have to be done just because there's "supposed" to be a F/D dance.

    That being said, James Taylor's "You've Got A Friend" might be a good choice. It's not super upbeat, but it's not too sappy and sounds appropriate for her situation.
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    Isn't she lovely-Stevie Wonder
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