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XP: Father/Daughter Dance - Weird Song?

Would "As the World Falls Down" by David Bowie be a weird song for my Dad and I to dance too? It's a love song, but it's from Labyrinth, which is our favorite movie and the scene with this song is our very favorite from the movie too. (If you don't know the song, listen to it here

Re: XP: Father/Daughter Dance - Weird Song?

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    edited December 2011
    I love this song!
    IMO, I think its awesome to have a song that means something to you & your dad. Who cares if someone thinks its weird.

    My friend surprised her dad at her wedding. They begun to dance to a traditional father/daughter song, then it stopped 4 seconds into it, and her dad's favorite song started to play. (A total surprise for him- he teared up. It was really touching.)

    Go for it!
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    All that matters is the song is significant for the two of you. If others don't get it, then tough for them. I asked my Dad to pick the song for us to dance to so he's rifling through his Van Halen albums! Lol it's sure to be interesting!!
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