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DJ or Guitar Dude? I need your advice!

i'm posting this in a couple of places to get help...

So my wedding is in Hilton Head - ceremony on the beach at sunset, reception on the big outdoor deck of a quaint little place there (hamburger joint by day). Small group of 40 or so - all ages... from our parents, aunts/uncles to lots of teens and 20-somethings.

So i need a bit of music for a cocktail hour, then some nice background music during dinner, then we party.  Music has to stop by 10 due to the noise ordinance on the beach.

Our vibe is casual, fun, but nice. And i'd like for the party to be great. I'm thinking our crowd is the reluctant-dancer type... the type who need some drinks or encouragement to get out there. FI and I are not big dancers, but we love a good party. Fav music is like Dave Matthews band or daughtry, some good alt, and some classic rock.

We are debating on getting a DJ - who could rock it out.  Or get a guitar/vocalist who would give us a beachier vibe... although i do *not* want the cheesy wedding singer type.  But does anyone dance at a reception/party that has a guitarist?

What do you think?  All opinions welcome!

Re: DJ or Guitar Dude? I need your advice!

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    Could you do both?  We're having a guitarist for our ceremony and cocktail hour and then a DJ for the reception.  I don't think people would really dance with just one acoustic guitarist if they're not the dancing type in the first place.  You could do the acoustic, mellow vibe for the ceremony and then rock out to classic rock, etc. at the reception if you did both.  OR do the guitarist for the ceremony and then an iPod for the dancing.

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    I would see if you could do both as well. I would feel weird if it was just a guitarist singing to get up and dance to that. That's more of a sit back, enjoy the show and a beer kinda thing for me. The ipod is always a great option if you do the guitarist first. My brother actually just went to a wedding where they did an ipod playlist for the dancing- and he admitted he didn't even know it until the very end!
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