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What is a reasonable price for a photographer and for a videographer?  I am on a budget and do not want to spend too much, but still want some quality.. I just want to know what is a reasonable price so when I start talking to different people I know if it's high or low!  Thanks!!

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    It all depends on your area. Plus how long you will have the photog and what they will be doing for you. They can be anywhere from $1,000-$6,000.

    Videographers are exactly the same, it all depends. I'd say the average can be anywhere from $800-$4,000.

    I would post this on your local board and ask the girls in your area about how much they are paying for their photog and video.

    Good luck!
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    I  would suggest if you wanted to go all out on video to plan like $3,500, or go lower end for like $1,500.00.  We are currently considering E & A Imageworks, they seem to have a good HD Video package, and from the samples seemed better than most places. Since we are also on a budget, we are trying not spend too much on the video. We are using them for an engagement session as the price is great, but we went with a family recommended photographer who is awesome. 

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    I agree that it is heavily dependent on area and I am going to go out on a limb to say Northern CA is probably not the cheapest area...
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    Jenny Trent Photography and Videography is offering a $500 off sale right now when you purchase both. 

    For $1800 you can receive the following
    Engagement Session
    10 hours of coverage
    12x12 Leather Album 
    200 Processed Photos
    1 - 16x20 Print
    4 - 11x14 Prints
    10 - 8x10 Prints
    200 4x6 Prints
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    You might consider coming up with a photography budget, sticking to that, and trying to negotiate with professional photographers. Don't get intimidated by the package prices that some photographers post online: many of them are willing to negotiate (especially in this economic climate). But definitely spend the money on a professional photographer. Some family and friends took pretty mediocre photographs at my wedding, and I'm really glad we hired a professional with a good eye for composition, lighting, and processing resources and skills so that the final photos look great.
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