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B pics pricing?

Maybe I just have sticker shock, but I was surprised by some pricing I saw for B-pics at a bridal show the other day. And I live in Wi so I know its more in other places, but what did those of you who did B-pics pay AND what was included?


Re: B pics pricing?

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    I was lucky enough to find a photog in my area who would come to my home to do the shoot. Her price was $300 for her travel and set up, 2 hours of unlimited shots and outfit changes. I also received my images on a CD with written copyright release.

    I have heard of some other b-pic photogs who do marathon sessions, with a group of clients all getting b-pics done in the same day, and offer a discounted price. I know some knotties on a local board near me got together and did theirs with the same photog on the same day. Check your local to see if the ladies there know of any photogs who offer this. Best of Luck.
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    Yes that is one of the cheaper places that I found, one that does several in a day.  But I am going to keep looking. Thanks!
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    Marathons are a great way to get cheaper pricing. If you find a photographer that you love but is out of your price range speak with them about setting up a marathon to reduce the costs. Posting on your local board asking who would like to join always works! ;)
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    My photographer charges $550 for her two hour session and a coffee table album and a slideshow. I am doing my session in July for my September wedding.

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