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Must-Take Photo List

Please post your must-take photo list that you gave to your photographer. I feel like I'm forgetting a lot. Also, if you did not see your FI before -- but tried to get a lot of the pics out of the way first -- which ones did you do? Thx!

Re: Must-Take Photo List

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    i found this

    Wedding Photography Shot List

    1. Prep Shots – Bride & Groom
    2. The Dress – Hanging or Draped
    3. The North Window Shot – Bride facing out northern most window
    4. Bride walking down stairs
    5. Bride looking out (window or door)
    6. Maid of Honor & Brides Mom – Zipping Dress
    7. Bride Applying Make Up
    8. Groom Fixing Hair
    9. Grooms Father & Best Man – Attaching Boutonnière to grooms lapel
    10. Groom Checking the Time
    11. Groom with Grooms Men & Fathers
    12. Bride with Bridesmaids & Mothers
    13. Bride with Mother & Father (also grandparents)
    14. Groom with Mother & Father (also grandparents)
    15. Bride Limo – Groom Limo
    16. Bride & Groom – Exiting Limo (Bride being helped out)
    17. Groom waiting at altar
    18. Church Wide Shot (with & without guests)
    19. Bride walking down aisle ( Side Profile & Front )
    20. Father giving away bride
    21. Groom over the shoulder shot of bride ( & Vis Versa)
    22. Holding hands – Bride and Groom
    23. Bride & Groom Kiss
    24. Bride & Groom Leaving Church ( Receiving Line)
    25. Bride & Groom – Inside Limo Shot
    26. Reception/Banquet Hall Outside shot
    27. Food Shots (Cocktail Hour, Drinks, etc.)
    28. Shot of each table full of guests
    29. Shots of Bride & Groom with & without family
    30. Bride and Groom Portraits
    31. Bride & Groom with Bridesmaids & Groomsmen
    32. Bride and Groom Hand & Ring Portraits
    33. First Dance
    34. Bride & Father Dance
    35. Groom & Mother Dance
    36. Bouquet Toss
    37. Guarder Belt Toss
    38. Cake Cutting, Bride and Groom Feeding each other
    39. Misc. Guests Dancing
    40. Bride & Groom Eating
    41. Best Man & Maid of Honor Toast/Speeches
    42. Bride & Groom Toast/Speeches
    43. Centerpieces & Flower/Decorations
    44. Guestbook Signatures
    45. Small Children Dancing with Bride & Groom
    46. Bride & Groom’s Parents Dancing (Plus Grandparents)
    47. Venetian Hour Photos (Coffee, Ice Cream, Etc)
    48. Bride & Groom giving away wedding favors
    49. Groom Giving Coat to Bride
    50. Bride & Groom “Just Married” Vehicle – Driving Away

    Read more:

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    I am a professional photographer from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    I suggest that if you have hired a skilled, talented and experienced photographer they will know to cover the basics. Discuss with them beforehand what is important to you and what your "must haves" are. I would not overload them with a list that might not really be tailored to you. (Do you want them to spend time running around checking off "The List" or capturing the beauty and the celebration of the day as it unfolds). 

    I do ask my couples to let me know if they have a special Aunt or group of friends they want to have shot and any important details that are important to them.

    Hope that helps,
    Jane Bernard, photographer
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    Although I understand the photographers point of view, I am also having a list.  However, it is not a detailed as to what type of picture that is mentioned in the list above...such as over the shoulder and looking out the window.  I will leave the artistic view up to my photographer whom I have great confidence in.  Plus she may have better ideas to encorporate depending on the site.  However, I feel a list is necessary to ensure you get as many pictures that you want as possible.  I don't feel any photographer would know a particular bride or family enough to say what or whom is important to them.  Plus, it is best to write things down and not go on memory. 

    Some additional pictures to add to the list depending on how detailed you are...
    ....the rings
    ....Thank You Picture (if you are doing one)

    In addition, you may want to take pictures of the ceremony & reception details before anyone arrives while it is in perfect condition. 
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    Sweet list!  My photographer also recommended adding a little note in the invitations to any family or friends who will be needed during cocktail hour for some photos.  It saves anyone from having to wrangle up a crew.  Especially in my case - I have a HUGE family and needs a family photo!
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    My name is Brian Delia - BDelia Photography... I wrote that list for Digital Photography school com.. ... I hope it helps... Seems to be really floating around the internet a lot lately. I use it when I shoot weddings... But to be honest it is only the tip of the ice burg when you think about an average 8 hour wedding day. Also, if you visit that link on you will see a link to my company website... ( Well good luck to you!
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