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Makeup for photos?

Hi Ladies,

I was talking with a potential photographer today about photo enhancements to cover acne, dark circles under the eyes etc. 

I was told that most photographers will only do enhancements like that on about 20 photos because it's so time consuming... this makes sense to me.

He then went on to say that if those were concerns we should make sure our makeup artist has us covered.

So... my fiance and I BOTH have occasional acne and we BOTH get dark circles under our eyes when are are tired/stressed etc...

Do men usually wear light makeup the wedding day for the sake of photos?

I'm confused... I just want us to look our best but I'll have a hard time selling that one to him. 


Re: Makeup for photos?

  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    I don't think so.  However, my husband got a little stress related acne so for his bachelor party he actually used some of my cover up!  He thought it worked so well that he kept it in case he needed it for the wedding (he didn't though.)  As far as dark circles, I would just suggest lots of sleep leading up to the wedding.  Maybe try cucumber or cold tea bags that morning.

    As for you, I would highly suggest airbrush makeup if you are planning to have your makeup professionally done.  It covers everything and photographs beautifully.
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    one of my good friends is a professional makeup artist and stylist. when we took our engagement photos, she essentially did my makeup to prep for photos so it was very heavy in real life, but the pictures turned out fantastic - and it lasted through the humidity of the evening. she also gave me a little bit of rice powder to re-set my face between outfit changes.

    she also touched FI up as well. i'm honestly not exactly sure what she did to him - he was in and out of the chair in about 5 minutes while i was in it for over an hour! - but she moisturized his face, used some sort of undereye concealer (he also tends to get puffy, dark circles), set it with some powder and he was done. his close ups also looked awesome and i'm positive our photographer didn't do much photoshop on us aside from the various picture finishes and perhaps smoothing out a few blemishes.

    i think it would help to have your makeup artist touch him up on the day of the wedding. Like I said, we took our e-photos outdoors and even though it made a huge difference in the final pictures, you couldn't even tell that he had anything on in person.
  • Bill PottsBill Potts member
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    A good MUA can be a photographers best friend! It can be very time consuming retouching a small blemish in hundreds of photos. That said, many of the images really will not need to be retouched. How many do you plan to blow up to an 8 x 10 or larger? If they are going to be standard sized prints or web quality posts of say, the whole wedding party, etc, those do not need to be retouched. Nobody would be able to see the blemish. The only ones that need retouched are the close ups.
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    Make sure whatever photographer you are booking knows how to use fill flash appropriately.  If they do, many of the dark circles under the eyes will be eliminated.  If you say fill flash, and they look at you like you have 2 heads and don't have a clue what you are talking about, see if you can get a different photographer.  

    On a side note, on a bride at a wedding I shot this week recently, I did ask if she minded putting a little cover up on a few spots, just because if I had to do it in post in every shot it would be labor intensive.  Also, even if it isn't a PERFECT cover, getting rid of that basic redness is helpful.  
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