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How long should I hire the photog for?

Our ceremony will start at 7:30 and the reception will follow until about 12. I want to do all the pictures without FI before the ceremony so the only ones we have to take after are the ones with FI and myself. 

I'd also like a few getting ready pictures, although I've heard that getting ready really doesn't take that long. 

Would 6 hours be enough or should I add more?

Re: How long should I hire the photog for?

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    Not sure if this will help you out or not but our ceremony starts at 5 and our reception goes until about 10/10:30 and we hired our photographer for 8 hours.
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  • ceeceed80ceeceed80 member
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    a big question to ask yourself is... do you need to have your photographer there until the very end of the reception? usually about an hour before hand, a lot of guests have left and frankly, how many photos do you need of people dancing? 

    we have our photographer for 7 hours. she is only staying at the reception about 1.5-2 hours and then leaving. we will do all of our important stuff during that time, cake cutting, dances, speeches, etc. 

  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    I wanted my photographer to capture everything from beginning to end so I hired her for 8 hours.  If you want to do pictures beforehand, you'll need to allow time for that--and it's not like you can take pictures right up until 7:30, you'll need to probably stop by 7.  So they could come from 6-12 but that doesn't allow any getting ready pics.   Ask your photographer how much time he/she suggests for pictures beforehand and that will help you decide. 

    Most of my guests were still there at the end and we did an exit so I wanted that captured (that is very popular where I live).  If that isn't important to you, then you could possibly shave time off there.
  • drphotodrphoto member
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    The shortest amount of coverage we have ever done is 4 hours and that left out significant portions of the wedding.  8 Hours is usually ample coverage.  If you need to cut the coverage below 8 hours, start by moving the first dance & father daughter dance earlier in the evening, move the cake up and then delete coverage of the garter/bouquet toss, then cut down the formal photos, then the getting ready photos.  If you have to cut more than that, have someone from craigslist shoot <sort of kidding>. 

    All the best,
    Corey Schwartz
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    My sister does photography as well (she did my e-pics), so I'm thinking about asking her to do our exit pictures so our photographer won't have to stay for the whole reception. That way, we won't have 5 hours worth of pictures of us dancing, she can do the cake cutting and stuff and leave. 

    Thank you guys for your input!
  • GolfChick78GolfChick78 member
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    In Response to Re: How long should I hire the photog for?:
    [QUOTE]so I'm thinking about asking her to do our exit pictures so
    Posted by aleighk1[/QUOTE]

    What are "exit" pictures?  Our photographer doesn't work by the hour, he just does the "full day".  But he did say that he doesn't stay until the reception fully ends; he leaves after the cake, bouquet toss, etc.  We're fine with that, but now I"m curious as to whether or not I'm missing something.
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    Sometimes people will leave the reception before their guests and have a big exit, where the guests line up outside and watch the bride and groom go to their car. Sometimes their guests have sparklers or bubbles or something like that.
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