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LOVE my post-wedding shoot photographer!!!

Kristen Booth Photography is absolutely, hands-down the best photography I've ever witnessed. I wish I would have had her shoot my wedding. She's a close friend of mine, but due to contractual obligations, my venue wouldn't allow a non-preferred vendor to do photography. I don't know how to upload the photos here, so go to her website:!

All of her photos were unique, original, creative, artistic and personal. When I looked thru my wedding photos, I noticed that my wedding photographer kept using the same poses and same ideas over and over again with other couples too. But Kristen Booth is so different and no two sessions are alike!! I can't recommend her enough. Oh, and she even travels! She's gone all over for weddings and engagement shoots. She even does family shots. I can't wait to go back for our Christmas photos. 

Good luck everyone!
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